A unique method -
process your true feelings
to the accompaniment of your own voice and original music

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A retreat in your very own home.

Most of us have no opportunity to travel to a warm country to meditate endlessly by the emerald green ocean and get to know our true selves. This is why we’ve created the auditory space of voice rituals. Immerse yourself into this space and create a retreat in the comfort of your own home.

Live in a fundamentally new way in 7 days! Change your life!

This is a unique meditative journey which requires only your speaking voice. It is a road map to your true desires combined with your guide’s soft voice, original music and meditative texts. A new voice ritual devoted to a certain area of life will be available every day.

About the retreat

The Voice Rituals retreat is a process of going deep inside yourself, getting to know your soul. This is an encounter with yourself without any mediators in the space of meditative texts, the sound of your own voice and excellent music.

this is an escape
from the rush of everyday life. it is a form of defense against the pressures of reality and its problems.

this is the solitude for the purpose of getting to know
yourself and understanding the process of life and your place in life.

this is a spiritual practice
aimed at helping you discover your Truth, your true feelings and your desires.

this is a tool for expanding
your consciousness and an opportunity to get rid of the inner prohibitions and limitations that prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for you if you can recognize yourself in one of the following statements:


I am tired and I would like to reset myself but I can’t get away for 7-20 days.

I would like to feel the same lightness as in my distant childhood

I don’t know where to get inspiration for my own life

I am dealing with a personal crisis

I am tired of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, apathy, or depression

I am tired of living someone else’s life and hiring myself out to do a job I don’t like

I am tired of going around in circles

I would like to do a job I love

I know that I still have a lot of energy and ideas but how can I unlock them?

I am trying to feel the ground beneath my feet after suffering great losses

What you will get from the retreat

Voice rituals are aimed at relaxation, increasing mindfulness, and establishing a strong connection with the source of wisdom. You will free your mind from an endless stream of thoughts, restore your strength and find calm.

a 7-day retreat will help you to:

reassess your life

vocalize your true feelings

get rid of painful attachments

find inner peace and balance

establish limits for yourself and boundaries for loved ones and the world around you

learn to understand yourself, acquire the meaning of your life

drown out the noise of the obtrusive world around you

become a free and truly happy person

What you need to take part in the retreat

To go on the Voice Rituals retreat from any part of the world you need

01Your voice
your unique
speaking voice

30 minutes a day
any time of the day

A place of solitude where you feel comfortable and safe

04Internet access
a computer or a phone with access to the Internet

Your guide


is a singer, psychologist, and mantra singer under the spiritual pseudonym Atma Jaya. Elena specializes in body and sound therapy workshops, which means working with the mind, feelings and bodily manifestations by means of the voice.

Founder and lead teacher of the Alternative School of Voice and Sound Therapy

(Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Institute of Modern Art)

Sound therapist
(a member of the International Sound Therapy Association)

(Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis)

Yoga teacher
(YTTC-200 - Yoga teahcher Training Course, 200 hours)

“The space of voice rituals has been created to facilitate the process of going deep inside yourself and looking beyond your own perceptions about life. You will experience relaxation, depth, music, and the sound of your own voice and as a result, a sense of expansion. Until our next meeting in the space of voice rituals!”


Inspirer and producer

I believe that when genuine people meet and combine their energies, skills and professionalism, the most unusual projects are born. Voice Rituals has posed a challenge to me as a producer – to create an approach that meets high professional standards set by me and your needs for a deep spiritual experience. I am convinced that vocalizing in Voice Rituals will open a whole world of opportunities, spiritual depths and self-healing no matter where you are at the moment. This is the experience our whole team, though located in different parts of the world, have enjoyed while working on this project.


The Voice Rituals project has turned out to be a major creative experience and great inspiration for me. This journey has been a revelation to me. I had to immerse myself fully into deep topics and connect with them on a musical level in order to create music that expands the feelings and emotions of the listener and brings them to a deeper level of sensation and self-understanding.

The Seven Day Retreat Voice Rituals

Process your true feelings to the accompaniment
of your own voice and original music.

Ritual 1

"Realization of Desires"

This Voice Ritual will help you achieve harmony and transform yourself and your reality. You will begin to realize your intentions and learn to carry out your plans.

In this Voice Ritual, I will teach you how to fulfill your wishes by charging them with the power of your own voice. You will open up the power of two energy centers: the heart center – the area where your wishes and aspirations emerge, and the stomach center – the most powerful energy center for fulfilling your desires. The stomach center is the area where all your wishes materialize. In this ritual, it is essential to pass sound through the centers as you direct attention to them.

Ritual 2

“Power, Freedom, Connection”

In this Voice Ritual, you will embark on a journey towards physical strength, psychological and emotional stability, material stability, and confidence in the realization of your true desires.

You probably know that your body has energy centers on whose purity and condition your body’s state and overall life quality depend. In the daily hustle and bustle, as we suffer from information overload and endless worries, we rarely realize that the lower center’s energy rises to the head area, and we become like an inverted snowman with zero energy and awareness in the lower center. The heart center becomes overloaded with tension from daily experiences, and all the energy is concentrated in this area. In this Voice Ritual, we will do a voice practice to balance the three centers.

Ritual 3

“Activating Sexual Energy"

We will perform this Voice Ritual in the thigh area – the center of sexuality – in order to awaken the incredible forces sleeping within. This ritual will increase your sex appeal and sexual energy.

However, the thigh area is also responsible for wealth, prosperity and success in your calling. This Voice Ritual awakens the most important center responsible for sexuality and connects it with the space of the heart. Remember that deep intimacy with your partner can happen when your heart is open and your connection is based on a deep sense of love, gratitude and acceptance.

Ritual 4


The Voice Ritual of centering brings a sense of self-worth, inner dignity, and a deep understanding of yourself and your relationship with the outside world.

To be centered implies being in the here and now without constantly returning to past events and without getting lost in daydreams about the future. It is a state of inner peace through which you can observe the emotions raging on the surface, and at the same time be aware of your calm and confident sense of self. When centered, on the one hand, you are more in touch with yourself, and on the other, you are ready to respond to the challenges of the outside world.

Ritual 5

“Unleashing the Natural Power of Your Voice"

The voice is the deepest manifestation of your personality. You own two spaces: the internal – your physicality, the sense of being yourself, feelings, emotions; and the external – the world with which you’re in contact, your purpose. The voice stands at the junction of the two worlds, and the connection of these two spaces is your manifestation in the world.

A beautiful, open voice cannot be obtained artificially. It is impossible to get it and increase control over your feelings. A velvety deep timbre is born through the acceptance of your shadow side, through a deep awareness of the body, through contact with it. Observe your breath as you intone the sounds. The deeper the breath, the more emotionality awakens. From this, the contact with your true self becomes deeper. And the return to your nature, to the original settings of your soul, reveals your creativity and your true path.

Ritual 6


Intuition, the "sixth sense," is an accurate instrument for perceiving the world. With its help, we synchronize our inner world and outer reality, and as a result, we receive knowledge without words.

Our inner voice, the voice of intuition, is the voice of the heart and subconsciousness. When faced with problems that need to be solved, we are used to consulting logic and building long chains of reasoning. But the answer that we spend hours thinking about is not always the right one. In today's ritual, you will remember the power of your subconscious mind, which serves as a guide to the quantum field of information, where answers are already stored and there are solutions to all problems and all questions.

Ritual 7

“Inner Child”

The inner child is an image that lives in the psyche (soul) of an adult. This is the image that we take with us from our childhood into adulthood. It determines whether we’ll be happy and whether we’ll be able to successfully realize our calling.

A happy child grows up into a happy adult who easily builds a career, takes responsibility, develops healthy relationships with the people around them, and doesn’t allow failures and problems to break them. The child lives inside every person. It is this image from childhood that determines your desires, your emotions, and your ability to open up to others and discover the world for yourself. In this ritual, we will make a journey to the country of our childhood.

Your feedback

“Elena, thank you! The week has flown, I was looking forward to each new ritual every day! There were surprisingly powerful practices and texts! I have indeed been able to hear my voice and my vocalizations probably for the first time in my life. That was a super unusual experience. Especially because I had never tried singing in my life and even at school I could rarely answer teacher’s questions in front of the whole class. I thank you for this experience and the emotions that I had! I am going to listen to the rituals again!”


“Elena, this is the first time I’ve found something like this online. I am grateful to all the circumstances that brought me to discover your website! You give unbelievable information! Everything is so warm and clear and so much depth! I thank you! The voice rituals are something extraordinary, they are impossible to describe with existing words! They are in fact sensations, the most resourceful sensations. I experienced all kinds of emotions during the practice and I’ve been feeling the ground beneath my feet for almost a day!!! 🙏”


“I have listened to and practiced the first voice ritual today – that was incredible penetration in the depths of my subconscious... I wish I fell asleep and woke up to this voice 😇... thank you for letting us understand our mind, body, feelings and emotions in such a short time – it is thanks to the vocal practices and its vocalizations that we come back to the real world filled with healthy living 😍🤗...”


“Dear Elena,
Thank you for your softness, professionalism and amazing depth without unnecessary mysticism. I’ve been practicing various body techniques a lot and now I’d like to add voice work.
I am happy that I’ve discovered you! I first found the Voice Rituals and then attended a free webinar posted on YouTube and after that I’ve signed up for your mini-course. I thank you and your team for the work that you do and the light that you bring! ❤️”


“Elena, thank you for this unbelievable Voice Rituals approach! 🌹 The practices are really helpful for everyday life. It’s a funny thing that my 3-year old joined in and sang along. 😀👍 I’ve learnt something new about grounding, that’s super! You fill me up and energize me. A huge thanks to you and your team for such condensed texts and knowledge! ”


“Elena, a huge thanks for your wisdom, charm, tactfulness, your knowledge, experience, and your multidimensional approach! Your new Voice Rituals project is a symbiosis of deep texts and practices. It really expands me! I am also listening to the Voice of the body webinar with enthusiasm and have signed up for the course with pleasure! It is through our feelings and vocalizations that we manifest in this world. I wish all of us beauty, and you are the generous giver of beauty! I am truly happy to learn from you! ”


“I thank you, Elena!❤️ This is the first time I have practiced such rituals and I am delighted!😍 I lacked breathing in the lower part of the body at first but slowly and gradually that area started to sound and vibrate. It filled with sound and energy! Your enchanting, deep voice and those narratives … OMG! ❤️ I thank you again! I will practice Voice Rituals with gratitude!!!!”


“This is the first time I have experienced such sensations. This is me and my body. I felt vibration in my heart area. I feel lightness and calm now. I thank you for your kind heart and your desire to inspire people. I wish Voice Rituals all the best 🎈”


“Elena, thank you for going your own way – you give scientific explanations for the real psychological help the modern people need using the ancient knowledge. I listen to the Voice Rituals. I did a practice with you. I felt the actual effect of grounding (I was missing that). I thank you again!!! 🔥”


“Elena, I thank your whole team for these texts, music, and voice rituals! The outcome has gone beyond all my expectations. You have voiced some of my problems that I had absolutely no idea who to turn to address them. I don’t recognize feelings. I am not aware of them. I don’t feel my body. I don’t feel joy. I don’t get responses to my requests, words. It feels as if I am invisible and so on… The voice rituals made me feel as if I have wings. They made me feel light. I haven’t felt this way for a long time. Thank you!!!🔥💥💗🌹❤😍💗💗💗”


“The voice rituals filled me with an even better understanding of your mission …. That’s deep and it WORKS! I always listen to your webinars with enormous pleasure and benefit from them a lot. There is a lot of valuable and important information in them. I am a psychologist and I was especially interested in getting to know the practices that Elena demonstrates. It is evident that she is very knowledgeable. But she is also a very charming and nice person. A soft and friendly woman. You can feel great power and desire to help people in her. I highly recommend her classes. Thank you ❤”